VP Instruments provide customers worldwide with high quality, easy-to-use solutions for compressed air energy management. VP instruments products help you to reduce compressed air consumption and energy costs. Our flow meters and measurement software are also used for Nitrogen, Carbon Dioxide, Argon, Helium and other technical gases. VPInstruments is certified ISO 9001:2008.
VP 致力於提供全球客戶,高品質且容易使用的空壓節能管理工具,使客戶能有效地降低空壓氣體的浪費及能源成本的支出。VP的儀器及測量軟體也適用於氮氣,二氧化碳,氬氣,氦氣和其他技術用氣體,並取得 ISO 9001:2008認證。